Hi I'm Gilberto

I'm a native Puerto Rican, husband, father, military veteran, data scientist, and web developer from Nashville, TN. The first time I fell in love with computers was in my high school years, but it was not until I finished Military service that I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Web Application Development and a Master of Science in Data Science. Currently, I'm pursuing a Master of Science in Software Engineering at Lipscomb University and I'm expected to finish in the Fall of 2019.

Currently, I work at Digital Reasoning as a Data Scientist where I develop logistic regression models to classify text (English, Spanish) for the financial industry utilizing proprietary software and Python (sklearn). I also build custom tools (web crawler, text translator, model report, model tracker) that facilitate model building workflow.

I'm also working on a research that has produced two publications that identify previously unknown indicators that could lead to the prevention of suicide in the US. I also worked at Bio-Nuclear of Puerto Rico where I gained Healthcare experience specifically with the integration of laboratory medical devices to the EMR. I worked in the integration of $20 million dollars worth of medical devices to computer interfaces to maintain a highly reliable data flow to preserve data integrity.

I love to work with the Python programming language and the Flask framework for web development. My ideal working environment is a place where I get to build and deploy models that solve a variety of business problems, a place that I get to polish data science and learn DevOps skills.

When I’m not coding, I'm spending time with my wife and daughter, probably helping with non-profits, or playing percussion.