Hi I'm Gilberto

I'm a native Puerto Rican, husband, father, military veteran, software developer, and data scientist from Nashville, TN. The first time I fell in love with computers was in my high school years, but it was not until I finished my service in the Military that I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Web Application Development and a Master of Science in Data Science.

I have gained experience during my internship at WPC Healthcare where I crafted Data Science skills and enhanced my coding skills in Python, R, and Software Development. My work improved the outcome and confirmed the veracity of machine learning algorithms.

I'm currently working on a research that have produced two publications that identifies previously unknown indicators that could lead to the prevention of suicide in the US. I also worked at Bio-Nuclear of Puerto Rico where I gained Healthcare experience specifically with the integration of laboratory medical devices to the EMR. I worked in the integration of $20 million dollars worth of medical devices to computer interfaces to maintain a highly reliable data flow to preserve data integrity.

My technical skills are Python, R, Hypothesis Testing, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Web Scraping, Software Development, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, NPM, Sass, Gulp, Static Website Generators, Command Line, Markdown, Git, GitHub. My goal is to obtain a Developer position in the Data Science realm utilizing my analytical and Software Development skills.

I'm currently learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails at Nashville Software School. I'm also polishing my Data Science skills. When I’m not coding, I'm spending time with my wife and daughter, probably helping with non-profits, or playing percussion.